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Why you need a Content Strategy Sales Funnel!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Queens, do you have a content strategy or are you posting whatever looks cute on your feed? 😍

I get it, having a cute cohesive feed is goals but is that actually translating into conversions and sales or are you just getting likes? Because likes and comments don’t pay the bills. Stop thinking like a content creator and start thinking like a CEO!💸💸💸

First of all, get 3 types of content: ✔️Content to create awareness (Viral posts work really good) ✔️Content to create engagement (tell your brand story, offer a solution to peoples problems, post testimonials, do tutorials etc) ✔️Content to create conversions (use call-to-actions to convert followers to customers)

Read this post to learn more about creating viral content This is the exact strategy I use in all of my businesses (I have a product and service based) to attract my ideal clients and get customers without ever doing any cold-calls or cold-emails👍 When people start coming to you, you have now positioned yourself as an expert and you can potentially charge much more than if you cold-call🤑🤑🤑

Would you rather have people coming to you or would you rather beg people to buy your products/services?

I would definitely prefer have people coming to me, in-fact, I do. By using this strategy, I have never done a cold call or cold email to get customers or clients!


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