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3 Easy Tips to Create Viral Content for Social Media

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

You should be CREATING CONTENT, not just curating content.

By creating your own content, you can distinguish yourself apart in any saturated niche and set your own unique selling point. You are also able to communicate your message across to your target market and stay on brand.

So, are you making viral content? Or are you just flexing on the gram? Ok, I do flex on the gram🤣 on my personal account because I am not monetising that account. But for all business/creator accounts there is no ROI in me posting my cute selfies all day, unless I am a celebrity, then nobody will actually care. I am not a celebrity, I am not an influencer, I am an entrepreneur.

So, that now SAVES✔️ are the new LIKES👍 - creating viral and shareable content is literally like putting gasoline on fire. 3 EASY STEPS TO CREATING VIRAL CONTENT: 1️⃣PICK A GOAL:

- Inspire: Quotes, photography, style etc

- Entertain: Memes, pop culture, music etc

- Educate: Infographics, tutorials, news etc Okay, remember the functions of media? No matter if it’s traditional media or social media, the functions will stay the same! You gotta make it a goal for people to follow you and engage! Are you inspiring? Are you entertaining? Are you educating? For this account I try to educate with infographics and inspire with quotes! 2️⃣GIVE VALUE: So, this can make or break your account! Okay, so you can post a quote which is alright or you can post a quote and give CONTEXT! Context is like storytelling, you need an intro, a body and something to sum it up! How will ‘that quote’ resonate back to your personal/corporate brand? How will ‘that quote’ relate back to your audience? Again, unless you are a celeb or a corporate brand you can get away with giving context as your audience would already know you. As a newcomer or startup, you gotta grind baby! Tell that story! 3️⃣HAVE A CONTENT STRATEGY: Now, content without a strategy is just stuff!

I get it, having a cute cohesive feed is goals but is that actually translating into conversions and sales or are you just getting likes? Because likes and comments don’t pay the bills.

Stop thinking like a content creator and start thinking like a CEO!💸💸💸

What is your content strategy? Are you struggling with putting a cohesive content strategy?

Read this for more about content strategy.


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